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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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is still running the country. the muslim brotherhood candidate and mubarak's former prime minister are both claiming victory in sunday's elections. as polls were closing sunday, military leaders issued a constitutional addendum that would keep the new president from having authority over the military. >> the concern is that the situation is extremely murky now, even many egyptians don't understand it. >> reporter: that ruling along with the uncertainty of the election results led to massive protests. >> the prospect for democracy in egypt are undeniable. the people of egypt have embraced this democratic spirit and that's not -- there's no turning back. >> reporter: the military has vowed to allow the new president to take office by the end of the month but how much power he will have remains to be seen. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the election commission is scheduled to announce the official winner on thursday, but no matter who wins in that official announcement, the
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losing side is likely to reject the results as a fraud. the g20 summit has come to an end in mexico. president obama's back at the white house. he and leaders from the world's largest economies spent their time focusing on ways to try to keep the financial crisis which is rocking europe from spreading across the globe. the leaders are leaving the summit without announcing any definitive plan of attack. >> over the last two days, european leaders here in cabos have made it clear that they understand the stakes and they pledged to take the actions needed to address this crisis and restore confidence, stability, and growth. >> european leaders are scheduled to have an economic summit of their own at the end of this month. campaign news, republican presidential candidate mitt romney says he is considering florida senator marco rubio as a vice presidential running mate. romney made that announcement last night in response to several news reports.
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those reports said unnamed advisors -- [ inaudible ] attorney general eric holder could be held in contempt of congress today uns will he provides more documents connected to that fast and furious gun running scheme. congressman daryl isum has threatened to hold a contempt hearing. holder says he will not release the documents unless the congressman agrees to yet another meeting. the defense department investigation has recommended as many as seven u.s. troops face administrative punishments but no criminal charges for burning curran last february at the -- quran last february. u.s. officials say one navy service member and as many as six army soldiers are facing punishment in this.
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the punishments could range from a letter of reprimand in their file or to even docking their pay. the southern baptist convention has elected its first african-american leader. he's the reverend freed lugar, -- fred lugar, jr. of new orleans. membership has been declining in recent years and analysts say the move yesterday is aimed at least in part to help the domination expand its appeal beyond the traditional white southern base. the suspect of a murder of a woman in dewey beach in delaware has been found dead. police issued a warrant for the suspect and released two photos. police found his body at a new jersey motel near newark. the woman he was suspected of killing was found dead inside a room at the atlantic oceanside motel monday morning. the relationship between the two isn't clear at this point. this was the first homicide in dewey beach since the town was incorporated back in 1981.
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a maryland college student accused of killing and eating portions of his roommate is now in a mental hospital to see if he's competent to stand trial. alexander kenye is believed to have killed a family friend and ate some of his organs. prince george's county council member karen tolls is due in court today. she's facing a charge of reckless driving. the council woman allegedly was spotted speeding more than 100 miles an hour on the beltway in february driving a county-owned car. if convicted toles face as hefty fine and could use her license. a special task force on pit bulls in maryland is mulling over the fate of the breed. a ruling by maryland's highest court last month called the breed, quote, inherently dangerous. now the task force is trying to decide if the ruling should stand. if it does, landlords could be held liable for tenants who own pit bulls. >> they have the ability to
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evict us based on what our dog looks like. >> i'm just thinking that i really hope we can buy the house before it comes to that. >> this is like a shark attack. all dogs can bite. we all can agree on that. but not all dogs will have the same damage. >> animal shelters say in the midst of the debate, they're finding more owners are giving up their pets and they're having a harder time finding pit bulls homes. ecuador's foreign minister says wikileaks chief julian assange is taking refuge at the nation's embassy. he's seeking political asylum to avoid being extra dieded to sweden. he's wanted there after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. he claims the sex was consensual and political payback for his leaking thousands of documents on the wikileaks website.
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jerry sandusky's wife took the stand in defense of her husband tuesday. dottie sandusky told jurors she remembers most of the eight jurors who testified against her hospital and doesn't remember anything inappropriate happening. testimony in the case is likely to end today with closing arguments taking place tomorrow. it covers about 93 square miles and now a massive wildfire just west of fort collins, colorado is about 55% contained. rain and cooler temperatures should help firefighters today. tuesday they were dealing with temperatures in the mid-90s while trying to fight the flames. forestry crews say it could be weeks or even months before the entire fire is under control. so far 1 # -9d homes have -- 189 homes have been destroyed. our time is 4:36. be prepared. we all need to prepare for a day full of heat and humidity. howard will let us know what we should expect if our region enters the 90-degree-plus range. a new way to get free music
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on your phone, tablet or mobile device. we'll show you how. monika will tell us about a major commuter alert for those who may be traveling along route 50 this afternoon. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. stay here.
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coming up today, it's sticky already. dew points up in 70. 92 by noon. mid- to upper 90s for highs. we have a heat advisory. code orange air quality. i'll explain it all and let you know when we're going to cool down. right now here's monika with time saver traffic. we'll take a look at southbound side of i-95.
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no problems on the bw parkway or route 50 through cheverly. we'll take a closer look at maryland roads at 4:47. back to you guys. it is time for the first your money segment. jessica is off but we still have the headlines. wall street pinning its hopes on a new stimulus package for the term reserve. investors are betting fed chair ben bernanke will announce some news with help on jump starting the economy. some analysts say anything less than that could actually spark a sell-off instead. stocks rallied to a five- week high on this possible fed decision that's coming up. the dow picked up 95 points yesterday to finish at 12837. the nasdaq picked up 34. s&p 500 was up 13. jpmorgan chase c.e.o. jamie dimon told lawmakers tuesday the bank did its best to fully inform investors about the risk strategy several weeks
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before it suffered the $2 billion plus trading losses. he was making his second appearance on capitol hill in less than a week to explain how his firm lost billions on some risky trades. dimon told lawmakers he will update the numbers on those losses when the company releases its quarterly earnings next month. the music subscription company spotify is joining another one in offering a free radio service for some mobile devices. till now the company charged $10 a month for its app. it stipes out ads and enables users to -- [indiscernible] when we return in two minutes, we'll tell you how the army is using a change to inspire soldiers who are returning from war. >> howard will be back with your hot weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:44. halfway through the week. it's wednesday. howard is here and boy, it's going to be a scorcher. >> the first part was the easy part of the week. >> we even had a little rain. we won't see rain and we won't see mild temperatures. >> a stray thunderstorm is all we'll see the next couple of afternoons. friday a better chance we'll see thunderstorms. but the heat, the humidity, the code orange air quality, those will be the weather headlines for the next couple of days. we start with the heat advisory. that begins at noon till 10:00 for just about everybody except out in the mountains and over on the eastern shore. the rest of us will really be dealing with heat. there's actually a heat warning if the philly area. that goes till friday morning. some of the nighttime lows are going to be very warm, too. if you don't cool down at night during the day, it could be rather stressful, especially if
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anybody has any health problems. air quality today unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you can, ways you can help limit the air pollution, refueling your car in the evening as opposed to the middle of the day will cut down on the pollutants. don't cut the grass, if you need an excuse not to. lawn mowers are terrible computers and don't use charcoal grills. don't idle. all those things will help. as far as the day planner today, we're looking at sunshine and heat today. 90 by 11:00. by 1:00 94. we're headed into the mid- to upper 90s for highs today with those heat indices over 100. winds northwesterly to westerly at about 5, 8 miles an hour. so not much of a breeze. the records today, they're probably going to be okay with a hundred in baltimore. 99 in washington. and 98 in martinsburg. dulles 97. we could make a run toward that one. that was set in 1964.
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one problem this morning. a little bit of fog toward warrenton. three-quarters in culpeper. stafford a half mile and a mile in peat usburg in west -- in petersburg in west virginia. temperatures run from the mid- 60s to low 70s. 70 in easton. 73 hagerstown and here in washington, a hazy start. still see the capital pretty well there with 75 muggy degrees. humidity 84%. this dew point at 70 is feeling like we're on the gulf coast this morning. the hot air extends from the southwest all the way up. there are heat advisories to maine today so much of the country sizzling. the main jet still well to the north. that's where we're finding the big time thunderstorms. but underneath this area of high pressure for us, other than a stray storm this afternoon, we're going to be hard-pressed to see much in the way of any relief. a quick look at the future cast and you see just not much there except for the isolated afternoon storm that pops up. the forecast, we've got yellow
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alerts the next few days. today and tomorrow for the heat. friday for storms. 97 today. 98 if not locally 100 tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the worst day with friday back in the lower 90s but a better chance that we'll see some storms around for the afternoon. saturday cooler and less humid. still quite warm, in the upper 80s. sunday near 90 and pond a couple of storms around with -- monday a couple of storms around with temperatures in the mid-80s. hang in there, please. hope you have a cool place to be the next several days. here comes monika samtani with time saver traffic. it's early. things are looking good so far. >> not too bad at all. just one thing. some residual cleanup in investigation of an accident overnight fatal accident in springfield on hinton street at leaseville boulevard so be aware of that down in springfield. up on 270 things look great. no problems to report out of frederick and 270 into clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide, you'll be absolutely fine. we'll take a live look at american legion bridge.
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no problems to report. both loops of the beltway look fine on the west side of town. back over to the maps this time to the north side. the beltway is running smoothly between college park and bethesda. 95 coming in from baltimore. we'll take a live look at the beltway from route 50. if you plan to head to the bay bridge, everything is running smoothly. the chesapeake bay bridge will be shut down for a shrt time today. -- short time today. crews are scheduled to close the bridge at 1:15 in the afternoon and keep it closed for about 40 minutes. giant cargo cranes are set to pass underneath. a state transportation department was worried that drivers would gawk and possibly cause accidents. so to avoid trouble, they'll just close the span. i'll be back in a few minutes with another report. back to you guys. in health news this morning, new research shows weight loss surgery can reverse the effects of kidney disease. doctors in taiwan looked at severely obese people with the condition. they found a year after
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bariatric surgery, those patients saw significant improvements in kidney function. researchers say weight loss lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, the two main culprits of decided any disease. -- kidney disease. people who live in sunnier areas are less likely to get pampg yachtic cans -- pancreatic cancer, especially those with light skin. people had a 24% lower risk. those with the most sensitive skin had a 49% lower risk. researchers believe vitamin d gained from sun exposure plays a role but say more studies are needed to determine the exact link. a change of command is under way at fort belvoir and that is giving some new meaning to the words "wounded warrior." the incoming commander at fort belvoir is a double amputee. he will be the first double amputee to take a command post at a u.s. army post. >> but peggy fox tells us that's just half of the story.
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the colonel taking his place in another important role is also a double amputee. >> let's see if we can't buy the world another day. >> reporter: a roll in the action thriller "battleship" is just part of colonel greg gattson's new normal after a roadside bomb in iraq destroyed both legs in 2007. >> i can't believe it's me. >> reporter: he not only lives around here, he's becoming the new commander at fort belvoir. >> our nation and our army and our army's leadership sees we're not defined by what we don't have but defined by what we do have and what's in our hearts. >> reporter: he's a former west point football star and today received a legion of merit award for his work in the job he's leading, director of the army's wounded warrior program. it assigns personal advocates who help each wounded warrior get on with their lives. he handed over that directorship to colonel tim
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kartcher who is also a double amputee. >> my vehicle was struck by an explosive device take destroyed my legs. >> reporter: while the front story is the change in command, the back story is army medicine and the fact that both of these gentlemen are still here today and still leading. seeing the colonels in leadership roles is inspirational to other wounded warriors says brigadier general daryl williams. >> he stood up -- he kind of got up his one arm and said wow, sir, you're still in the army? so it gives young soldiers hope when they see colonels like greg. >> it helps you emphasize with folks because you and your family have been down that road. to be able to walk into another soldier's hospital room and say this is all going to buff out, you're going to be fine and we're going to be with you. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> as you saw in peggy's peace, both colonels have learned to
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walk with prosthetics despite amputations that were above their knees. both also suffer from ptsd but say they're learning to cope with their new normal n. is such an incredible story. they lost their limbs. they did not lose their ability to command and make military decisions and that's what we all need to see. >> i agree. what a great story. that was really terrific. time now for the question of the morning. >> most american couples say this one thing has improved the romance in their home. is it a, a dvr, b, a smartphone, or c, separate beds. oh, no. >> log on to wusa9's facebook fan page. we'd love to hear was think. very no clue. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. >> if you're one of our facebook friends, you can win tickets to the at&t sweepstakes giveaway. you can see mike hydeck out on the links. the golf tournament returns to
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the congressional country club. ten people will each win two tickets and the winners will be selected next monday.
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welcome back. 4:55. your weather first on this wednesday morning. it's warm and sticky already. it's going to be a hot and humid day. maybe a chance after storm. low 90s by noon. highs mid- to upper 90s. do have some relief by the end of the week. over to monika with time saver traffic. here's what it looks like on the northbound side of 395 at the 14th street bridge.
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nice and light crossing the potomac river into downtown. all of the river crossings are incident free. in my next report we'll take a look at the west side of town at 5:01. back to you. >> thank you, monika. today all u.s. and state flags will fly at half staff in maryland. governor martin o'malley ordered the flags lowered in memory of sergeant julian chase from edgewater, maryland. the 22-year-old died on may 28 in afghanistan while fighting in operation enduring freedom. a series of civil war anniversary events are being planned for this summer in maryland, virginia and west virginia. the national park service is organizing the events to mark the 150th anniversary of the civil war. among the highlights are remember bans of the battle of antietam. it started in 1862 and culminated along antietam creek. more than 20,000 soldiers were reported killed or missing in
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the bloodiest war. chuck brown may soon have a park named after him. mayor vincent gray submit add bill which would designate a portion of langdon park as chuck brown park. d.c. and brown are inextricably linked to each other. as the father of go go should be honored by the city which embraced him and his music. director woody allen is back with a new ensemble comedy. >> as teresa garcia tells us, he's also making his first on screen appearance in about six years. >> reporter: penelope cruz play as prostitute in woody allen's latest movie "to rome with love." cruz jumped at the chance to work with allen again and embrace the role. >> i love playing her. and the way i looked as this character -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: alec baldwin,
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jesse eisenberg, ellen paige and allen himself are all part of this italian adventure. >> i have a 160iq. >> reporter: allen has famously avoided los angeles. so many were surprised his new romantic comedy made its u.s. premiere here. >> welcome to l.a. because here you don't always love it. >> for a few days i'm crazy about it. i couldn't live here, though, because i don't like the sun. >> reporter: actress bretta told me the best thing about making a movie was watching allen in action. >> my favorite part was woody allen always makes little jokes to himself all the time. he's also writing jokes, even when he's just, you know on set walking around. >> reporter: this is allen's seventh movie in seven years set in a major european city and he says there's a good reason for that. >> i'm a complete sucker for big cities. i am not a fan of the country. i rarely go to the country. i don't like the quiet.
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i don't like the insects. >> reporter: for his next movie allen is setting his sights on san francisco. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> woody allen going from paris to italy. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. we're staying right here in d.c. to bring you the news. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. i don't get him. >> not in this century. >> good morning, monika samtani. she has traffic momentarily. howard bernstein? >> they were great movies. i'm dating myself. weather wise, let's talk about the heat, the humidity, the muggies that are back. very tough next couple of days around here feeling just like mid summer with the summer solstice actually 7:09 this evening. here's a look at your day planner. check be outside, we have haze and humidity. it is awfully sticky


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